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Isla Canela

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Find the best properties for sale in Isla Canela, Spain, a perfect location to buy a second residence.

Located in Huelva, this Spanish town is a perfect and quiet area to enjoy the sun and the beach with your family. Whether in summer or winter, the weather in Isla Canela is always good and will allow you to enjoy outdoor activities all year long.

There are also a lot of restaurants, shops, quality beaches, a marine port and a big golf course.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, Isla Canela is the best option. We have different types of beachfront apartments and single-family homes. Check out our selection in the most exclusive private urbanizations of the area.

You can find beach houses with two or more rooms at a reduced price, with great amenities such as gym, swimming pools, paddle and tennis courts, etc.

Buying a home in Spain has multiple advantages, the proximity and the price of the flights make it a very comfortable place to travel at any time.

For example, if you decide to retire and go live in Isla Canela, Costa de la Luz, your family will be just two hours from your new home and will be able to visit you whenever they want.

In addition, the prices of vacation rentals are usually higher, so buying is an opportunity to save money in the mid and long term. And you won’t have to search for the right rental every time you want to relax and enjoy the beach.

Come to your house whenever you want and take in the lovely atmosphere in Isla Canela at your own leisure. Enjoy the attractive Spanish culture and its gastronomy whenever you want. Consult us without commitment and know all the details of our different promotions.