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More than 35 years working in tourism real estate development


Isla Canela S.A. is a company belonging to the Pryconsa Group, a group with 58 years of history dedicated mainly to property development and construction in Spain, which has delivered more than 72,000 homes throughout its history.

Isla Canela was founded in 1985 and is dedicated to the construction and property development of the Isla Canela National Tourist Interest Centre in Ayamonte, Huelva.

It has its registered office and headquarters in Madrid, with a large technical and sales office in Isla Canela itself and offices in Seville and London.

Founded in 1985, over the years it has built more than 4,600 homes, 2 shopping centres, 5 hotels, an 18-hole golf course and a marina with more than 230 berths, all in Isla Canela, as well as acquiring another 18-hole golf course a short distance from the first one.

Isla Canela S.A. has been working for over 35 years on the tourist real estate development of the Ayamonte coast, with a desire for continuity and permanence in order to complete the urban development of Isla Canela in an orderly manner and seeking excellence for its customers.

Isla Canela S.A. is also deeply committed to its corporate social responsibility and directs its efforts in this field to collaborating with organisations in the municipality of Ayamonte to promote and develop sport in the area. It also contributes to the Pryconsa Foundation, a Group entity dedicated to education, aid for social assistance and inclusion, research, international cooperation and cultural patronage. Not forgetting its commitment to caring for the environment, especially for the natural wealth of the area in which it is located.

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Our history

Isla Canela

Isla Canela
Dive into the history of Isla Canela


The Isla Canela lands began to be developed for tourism in 1964 through the efforts of the Compañía Urbanizadora Municipal de Ayamonte (CUMASA), which obtained its declaration as a Centre of National Tourist Interest, a designation that is still in use today.

CUMASA's work was continued by the company Pistas y Obras.


In this year Isla Canela S.A. was set up and acquired all the land that makes up the site.

In the early years, intense planning work was carried out on the Isla Canela land in order to adapt the development to the reality of the times.


In 1988 we completed our first development on the island (Playa Alta).


In 1992 the first hotel and the first 9 holes of the golf course were inaugurated.


In the year 2000 the marina Marina Isla Canela opened its doors.


Isla Canela Links, another 18-hole golf course next to the Guadiana River, was acquired.


Isla Canela S.A. has built more than 4,600 flats and 5 hotels.

It is currently working hard on the redevelopment of the land that remains to be developed, in order to adapt it to the current market situation and the characteristics of our customers.

Over all these years Isla Canela S.A. has worked hard to make this the most beautiful place in Spain and Andalusia.

The future

Isla Canela S.A. intends to continue working for many years to come on the tourist development of Ayamonte’s beaches.

One of our immediate challenges is to complete the beachfront and develop the second line, creating housing developments that blend in with the surroundings and incorporate more green spaces and sports areas to make your stay in Isla Canela even more pleasant.

We also want to complete the marina by enlarging it, increasing the current dock and almost tripling the current number of moorings. With this extension and the actions planned by the Directorate General of Coasts regarding the creation of a promenade in the Barriada del Moral, the change in the environment will mean the integration of the Barriada into the landscape of the Isla Canela Resort, creating a corner of unique beauty that will allow the inhabitants of the area to fully integrate into the structure of tourist services in the area, which will be greatly increased by the increase in visitors to the new facilities.

In the inland area of Isla Canela, our intention is to develop residential developments specifically aimed at long-term stays for its inhabitants, breaking with the existing seasonal nature of the area and creating a large area for winter residents.

To this end, we are already working on the models for future developments, which will always be based on low density, high energy efficiency, making the most of green spaces, integrating the homes into the landscape and creating a friendly and sustainable environment that will contribute enormously to the development of the Ayamonte area.